Wash your hair without shampoo

Cleansing your hair is very important but the fact that most of the people don’t want to use shampoo a lot is acceptable. So there are several other methods that you can use to cleanse your hair. You can either just go for the conditioner that you can get from the online stores like Megorgeous or you can go or the more natural methods. Following are some of the things that you can use instead of shampoo and they definitely work wonders on your hair

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best thing so far on your hair and you can use it even with the shampoo. After you have shampooed your hair you can use the vinegar mixed in water to rinse your scalp and hair strands and if you are not shampooing then the apple cider vinegar will help you maintain the pH of your scalp and also will help you get rid of bacteria because of its antibacterial properties.

Baking soda

Baking soda can be used for cleansing purposes too and to use this instead of shampoo you just have to mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in one cup of warm water and then apply it on your scalp. Let it stay for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Scrubbing your scalp a little will help you get rid of the product buildup and any flaky skin as well.

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is the best exfoliator and it will help you clean out your pores and any kind of product buildup as well. You just have to apply this clay on your scalp and once it is dry you can rinse it off. This will cleanse your scalp better than any other method. You can also use it with the apple cider vinegar to get better results.



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