What can be making your curly hair less curly and how to avoid it

The worst thing that can happen to a curly-haired person is that they start losing the curl pattern. By losing their curl pattern they don’t get transitioned into the straight hair. Instead of this, you will be transitioning to the less flattering curl pattern that you won’t like. So in order to avoid that from happening you need to know what is causing this. But even above that, you need to take the good care of your hair. Make sure you are using good and quality hair care products. You can get these products from online stores like Megorgeous. These products are also easily available at the local stores if you know what is good for you.


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What’s making you lose your curl

There can be a lot of things that cause you to lose your curl pattern. In fact, the curly girl method itself is very curled altering method. In this method, you use a lot of the moisturizer and the other products that help your hair to revive back. But in doing so you have to compromise your hair pattern.

How to avoid losing your curls

You can do a number of things to make sure the curly girl method ids no effecting your curl pattern following are so of the thing is that you can do to avoid that

Scrunch your hair a lot

Scrunching your hair is the best thing that you can do for your curls the reason why the scrunching your hair is good is because by this method you get the best natural curls. Thy looks all-natural and there is no use of the heat or any hair product of that matter. Also by the help of the scrunching method, you will be giving your hair their natural curl pattern instead of getting a new one. Best of all there will be no use of heat to cause any damage to your hair.

Change your hair regimen

You may also want to reconsider your product regimen of you are losing your natural curls. The reason why his must be happening is that you must be using some heavy hair products for yourself. Make sure the products that you are using are good for your hair type. The thickness pf your hair is also very important to determine which type of products should be used in your hair. Of you have thinner hair then you should be using the serums instead of another type of hair product. These are light and won’t be weighing down your hair.

Don’t quit on shampoo at all

Being a curly-haired person you must use a lot of hair care products. Due to that, a lot of products buildup gathers on your scalp and hair, this can be weighing down your hair so make sure to use a good shampoo once in a while. This shampoo will strip away all the stubborn products buildup and will clear your scalp of this.  If you don’t the product buildup can also cause the other hair problems.

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