cause of red bumps on your scalp

Itchy scalp is a problem that can be solved with ease but if it has exceeded to something more then you definitely need to see a dermatologist. Basically, when scalp itches it can be because of the number of reasons but if you keep ignoring it can get worse. So just to make sure the condition doesn’t get worse you need to use a hair care product from the itchiness and you can get such products easily from any online stirs like Megorgeous. When red bumps start appearing on your scalp then it can be because of the following reasons.


Basically, this is a fungal condition and it can happen because of the unhygienic conditions and also when you are not cleansing your scalp well. This situation can be very irritating and painful and the worst thing about this is that it can spread very fast and easily. If you leave it untreated it will just get worst which is why you need to see a doctor immediately and most probably they will prescribe you a medicated anti0fungal shampoo.


Folliculitis is a condition in which your hair follicles gets infected and form small bumps due to it, it can be when your follies are nit cleansed well and then they start harboring the bacteria in it. You can treat it using a tea tree shampoo and you can also use some other anti-bacterial shampoo or solution recommended by a doctor.


Psoriasis can be differentiated easily from other conditions because it also causes the flakes. It usually occurs along the hairline which makes it quite difficult to hide. You can get rid of this scalp condition by using a balancing shampoo that balances to the pH in your scalp.


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