reason for making your Curly Hair less curly

Curly hair is beautiful and most of all the naturally curly hair but if you don’t do your hair care routine properly you may actually lose the natural curl pattern of yours. The natural curl pattern is very important and it is so easy to style your hair into because that is what your hair is used to. But some of the times use of a lot of the products may weight your curls down n and you start to lose your curl pattern. So choose the products from online store like Megorgeous that are according to your curl type.  Following are some of the things that can be responsible for your less curly curls.

Extra moisturizer

Moisture is really needed for the soft-looking curls but sometimes it weighs down your curls. So to get rid of this type of moisture you can try scrunching your hair with the help of at-short and this way you will get rid of the extra moisture in your hair. You also need to stop using the moisturizing products that are too heavy because this way you will lose your curl pattern. Make sure you are not using all the moisturizing products and on the same hand stay away from the ones that are too drying.

Not using the occasional shampoo

Most of the people in the fear of losing their moisture don’t use the occasional shampoos and that is why the buildup remains on your scalp and your hair and this can weigh your hair down. You need to get the proper cleansing of your scalp and hair that low poo or no-poo shampoos don’t do and that is why you need to shampoo your hair more often especially 2 times a week.

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