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Heat damage is something that can affect your hair a lot. You can experience less growth in your hair and also may experience a lot of breakages. To avoid that kind of damage you can avoid the use of the heat altogether or you can just use better ways to protect them from the damage. You can easily avoid the damage by using the products that can protect your hair. Or you can also follow up with some tips that will assure you less damage than usually heat damage. These products are easily available in local and online stores. Many different online stores are available and Megorgeous is one of them.


Megorgeous is the best online store for all of your hair problems. You can protect your hair from the heat damage by buying the products from these stores. From hair care to hair styling, all kinds of products can help you avoid the damage. Moreover, if you are looking for straight hair instead of the heat damage you can get that from here too. Apart from some of the heatless methods, you can buy the straight hair wigs and extensions from this store.

Denial of heat damage

Denial if the heat damage is most common and most of the time people are true with their denial. Most of the people don’t even use that must of the heat styling and end up getting a lot of damage. This can happen when you are not doing it the right way, the following are some of the reasons behind that denial and a better explanation to it.

Claiming about not using heat frequently

Even though you think you are not using heat that so often. But 3 to 4 times a month is enough to cause you enough damage to your hair. So in order to avoid that you should make sure to lower the frequency even more. This also depends on your hair type, if you have curly hair then you must be using a lot of heat. This can be very damaging to your hair and may cause more damage than usual.

Using the heat protectant

If you are using the heat protectant then that doesn’t mean you won’t be experiencing any damage at all. The heat protectant might tone down the damage to some extent but the damage will still be there nonetheless. Heat protectant is basically made of the silicones and oils that act as the barrier between your hair and the heat. So when you are using too much of the heat even this can’t help you well enough.

Hair doesn’t look heat damaged

Heat damage is not always what you expect. You don’t start to experience the hair fall or extreme dryness from the very start. But it builds up slowly and you may even realize it too late. Also, heat damage also is happening when you start to lose the curl pattern of your hair. Your curls will start to become looser and lose its natural texture.

Puffy roots with fine ends

Some of the people start to confuse the type of their curls because if that. The hair may be undergoing the damage especially if you have lost your natural texture. Your hair at the roots will look puffy because that is here new hair is growing and that is your original hair.

But despite all that some people can also not be experiencing any of the damage. They despite not using any heat protectant have the perfect and natural hair no matter how much heat they use.

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