What is a dusting trim and how ca you do it

Trimming your hair is very important so you need to get rid of damaged ends of your hair and can get the flawless hair. Most of the time when you are styling your hair the small hair stick out of your updo and that is because of this damaged hair that needs to go. But people don’t get the trim their hair of the fear of losing the hair length they have gained after waiting so long. So that is where the dusting trim can help. Dusting trim is a trimming method where you have to cut the damaged hair without reducing the length. There are two methods for the dusting trim, which are as follows.

By burning your damaged ends

Burning or bringing a flame anywhere near, your hair is something that scares us to our core but it is not as bad as it sounds. You just have to twist a small portion your hair and then burns the hair that is sticking out of the twist and you should keep the fame at the fair length to get that done right.

Cutting the damaged ends

This method is easier than the burning method because this way your hair will not be in the danger of burning. You can get this done by twisting your hair and then cutting the hair that is sticking out of that twist. When you are done trimming these hairs, you need to twist your hair in the other direction and then cut the hair that is sticking out now.

This method may take some time but once you are done doing that to your entire hair then you will have the undamaged hair of the same length before the trim. This method is very effective and after this, you need to avoid getting your hair damaged and to do that you can buy the hair care products from Megorgeous to keep them nourished and healthy.

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