Mascara combines with the eyelash curler is something that will make your eyelashes look beautiful and for more dramatic effect you can go for the fake eyelashes which are available on any online store or any other makeup brand store. But if you want to have the curled and prominent eyelashes 24/7 then
you need to go for the eyelash lift. With the help of the eyelash lift, you will have the most natural still very beautiful eyelashes.

Lash Lift

Basically lash lift is the eyelash curling technique in which no eyelash extensions are used and sill your lashes look like the eyelash extensions are used. This lash lift last for almost like 8 weeks and you most probably didn’t even have to wear mascara and you can now completely forget the clumpy look that mascara gives you.

How the lash lift work

To make your eyelashes look longer and beautiful your eyelashes are permanently curled and it looks like it is covered with the mascara. You can go into the water and it will still look very beautiful and eyelashes will maintain their curly position. But with the lash lift, you will have to steer clear from the
oil-based products on your eyelashes.

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