What is an Afro Pick and How can you use it

Afro style is coming back in fashion and more and more people are following this style. If you have curly hair you must want to try it too because it makes your curls look all voluminous. Since this style is getting back in fashion you should look forward to trying it out too and you can get it done with the help of the afro pick. Basically, afro pick is a small wide comb with a holding handle and with the help of it, you can tease your curls just a bit and give them the afro look. Volume depends on how you must tease your hair. You can get this afro look using the afro pick by following the given steps.

Selection of areas

You need to prep your hair and for that, you have to make sure that your hair is completely dry and then chose the areas you need volume. Section the hair using the slips can help a lot. Avoid the areas near the temples when you are teasing your hair.

Selection of hair pick

There are two types of hair picks. Plastic ones and metal ones. Plastic ones are softer while the metals ones are good for people with thick hair. You can buy these afro picks from different online stores like Megorgeous.

Pick your roots

You need to turn your hair upside down and start teasing your roots. To tease then you dint have to tease it all the way from tip to root but you can just start a centimeter or two above the root and bring it down to the root.

Crown area

Now toss your hair back and tease the hair around the crown and style around to get the desired look.

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