What is best among co-washing and Traditional shampooing

Hair washing experience shouldn’t be that thought but it’s very complicated for people with curly hair, having curly hair you have to go through a lot of things. You have to face more hair problems and require extensive care regimens. Even though the co-washing method is used by people with straight hair as well but it is more common with curly hair. When you have curly hair you have to indulge yourself in different types of hair washing processes. You also have to use a lot of different products each time for better hair care. You can buy all these products needed from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Hair washing methods

The hair washing method for curly-haired people can be very long. Even after washing your hair you have to use an endless list of products on your hair to make them defined. But while doing that you as need to avoid the things that might be damaging your hair. Following are two different methods that are in use

  • Co-washing
  • Traditional shampooing


Co-washing is a method where you skip the use of a shampoo and instead just rely on the conditioner. You can use all the products that you need to refresh your look. The use of shampoo can be very drying for your hair and that is why people use this co-washing method to avoid shampoo a lot this way you will be just hydrating your hair the most and getting rid of the dust and grime in your hair with the water alone this will also help you wash out different products present in your hair, refreshing curls like this is not as satisfying as shampooing but the end results are good for your hair.

Traditional shampooing

Traditional shampooing is something that we all are familiar with. But the best way to get rid of all the products buildup and the accumulation of dirt in your hair can be done only by the help of these shampoos. Even if you have to avoid the sulfate shampoos, you can start using sulfate-free shampoos. This way you can do the job without even causing much of the damage in your hair. These shampoos don’t produce much foam as well. But will help you get rid of all that product buildup. Traditional shampooing if done in a gentle way can be very beneficial and refreshing for you. Also, when you are going through the process of washing your hair why not do it to the point of satisfaction.


The conclusion to this method is that traditional shampooing is great to get rid of all the product buildup. This product build-up is very uncomfortable on your scalp and can cause many problems as well. So you want to avoid it at all costs then you can use the traditional shampooing. Even if you have to co-wash make sure you don’t forget about shampooing at all. Even in the co-washing method, you can use some hair scrubs as well to get rid of product buildup. So at the end of all that whichever method suits your hair type is the one you should be using.