Concealing your eyes is known as the base of the makeup and concealing it with the right color and type is the most important thing to do.
Types of concealers
There are 4 types of concealers 2 of them are used for oily skin and 2 of them are the right option for dry skin.
1. Matte concealer
2. Liquid concealer
3. Creamy concealer
4. Stick concealer

For oily skin

For oily skin, it is really very hard to keep the makeup for the whole day. In such case using the creamy or stick concealer is the wrong thing to do. The one with oily skin should always go for the matter of liquid concealer s that it may stick to your skin for the whole day and not let the oil come out on your
face. With this, you can also keep your face look fresh and keep your eyes conceal for the complete day.

For dry skin

For the people who have dry skin must always go for the creamy and stick concealer so that it can look natural and make your skin look soft and healthy. There is a large range of concealers one can get for an online store.

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