What is Platelet-rich Plasma therapy

With the amount of damage that your hair go through every day, we must make sure to give them the maximum growth. Dealing with the hair loss at the early stage is important and possible because then you can just buy a few products from the online stores like Megorgeous and you can prevent any further hair loss. But if you have lost more than you usually do due to some kind of the illness then you should know there is still hope.

Platelet-rich plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy is the therapy that helps the growth of more hair on your scalp. The platelet-rich plasma from your blood is taken and then is injected in your scalp and this increases the amount of the blood vessels. This happens because of the growth factors that are present within the plasma. This will also increase the cell proliferation your scalp and will eventually help you with the hair growth. The platelet basically is the cells which stop the bleeding but here due to the growth factors present in then it can help you get rid of alopecia.

What are the side effects of this treatment?

Basically, there are other treatments present like the use of Minoxidil which causes the vasodilation and then increases the blood circulation in your scalp but this treatment is different than that. And there are no major side effects to this treatment you may feel a little more pressure on the injection site and small areas may even bleed or cause the redness but that is all this treatment does and there are no major side effects of this treatment method.

How long this treatment does take

The length of treatment depends on to what extent the hair loss is being treated and the patients will start to notice the difference after 6 months.


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