What is plopping your hair

Having curly hair and maintaining them is something in which you have to do a lot. You have to use more hair care products as compared to other hair texture. Your hair can get easily damaged and that is why you need to be more careful. You also will have to style your hair to have a better definition in your curls. For that purpose nowadays there is a lot of hair care and the hair styling products available. You can buy these products from the local and online stores. There are many online stores from where you can buy these products and Megorgeous is one of them.


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Plopping your hair

When it comes to curly hair you don’t want them to look flat. You will need a lot of the volume in your hair to make sure your curls look good. You should add plopping to your after-shower routine and that will give the volume you desire in your hair. Even if you are using any other method to get the volume you still need this as the first step in your routine. As your hair gets the time to dry they can be styled into your desired style and that is better than any heat styling method. So you don’t heat style your hair and are looking for more natural ways then this is it.

How to plop your hair

To plop your hair you will need a towel or a t-shirt even when you are using a towel make sure you are using a microfiber towel. Plopping your hair with the help of the t-shirt is very easy because the sleeves of the shorts make it easier. But you can also do it with the help of a towel. The following are the steps that you need to take to plop your hair.

  • As you know t plop your hair you have to have the wet hair so it is better to do it after a wash, you will also need to scrunch your hair using a leave-in conditioner. You can use any of the curling or other cream or oil that you usually use in your hair.
  • Now lay down a towel or t-shirt on the flat surface like a table or on your bed. If you are using the t-shirt then make sure the sleeves are closes to you.
  • Bend a little and turn your hair upside down. Now place your curls on the center of the towel or the shirt.
  • Now since you are bend forwards take the flap of the towel or the shirt that is at the other end. Flip it on the back of your neck. Now take the sleeves or your t-shirt or in case of towel the extra fabric and tie it behind your heat. Now leave your hair this way and allow them to dry a little.

Benefits of plopping your hair

As you know plopping your hair will give you a good amount of volume. There is another thing that this method helps you with and it is that you don’t have to use the heat in this process.

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