what is shrinkage

There are a lot of things about the curly hair that most of the people with curly hair don’t appreciate much. Shrinkage is one of them and having shrinkage in curly hair is a natural thing. You can usually find the products from the online stores like Megorgeous which can help you to stretch out your hair and most of the people go for that so they can avoid the matting and get the length in hair. But there are a few things that you should know about the shrinkage


Shrinkage basically is the property of the hair by which the hair shortens in the length when they dry and it is the property of the curly hair. Most of the people doing like that because it shortens the length of the hair but actually shrinkage is the sign that your hair is healthy and if you are starting to accept your natural hair texture you should definitely be acceptable of the shrinkage. Shrinkage is a unique feature that curly hair has and that is exactly what it should be looked at like. Shrinkage can cause some of the things like tangles etc. but it is what comes with having the curly hair.

Why shouldn’t you get rid of shrinkage?

First of all, getting rid of shrinkage isn’t good because it needs a lot of the work and in doing that you damage your hair. Shrinkage, as we know, is the sign of the healthy hair and when your hair doesn’t shrink back to their natural state then that means your hair has been damaged. Keeping things natural with your hair is important because curly hair gets damaged easily because of all the other products that you use in your hair and buildup left by these products.


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