matting of your Hair

Detangling your curly hair is a difficult thing to do but if you avoid doing it then your hair will get all matted and this way it will get even more difficult for you to detangle your hair. When dealing with the matted hair you have to be very careful and you may need a lot of detangling products which you can buy from online websites like Megorgeous. But there are certain reasons which can lead to the matted hair and knowing that can help you avoid it eventually. Following are some of the reasons why your hair get matted

Not protecting your hair at night

When you sleep on your regular cotton pillowcases they absorb the moisture from your hair and that is why you are left with the dry matted hair. So instead of that, you should use the scarves or bonnet and if not that then you can get the silk pillowcases for your hair so that they don’t get matted.

Not detangling your hair well

Detangling your hair is very important and when you are detangling your hair you have to make sure you detangled them all the way through because if you style them just like that they will matt. You can make detangling easy for you by using a wide toothcomb and by starting from the tips but just make sure to untangle them all.

Protective styles for too long

Of you wear protective styles for too long which most of the curly-haired girls do you will get your hair matted. You can wear your protective style for 4 to 6 weeks at the most which in case of your hair is moisturized well before it and is done right because after that time the hair starts to matt and that becomes so difficult to get rid of.


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