Nail paint is the most important thing whenever you go to an event or somewhere like that. And most of the girls love to wear red colour because it is the brightest colour and look good on almost all skin tones.
There are a lot of shades of red colour nail paint that you can buy from an online store, so what are you waiting for just go and grab yourself a red colour so that your hands can look pretty in the party. But there are some colour techniques while applying red colour on your nails, that what colour you should
wear that goes right with your skin.

For pale skin tone

For pale skin, you can wear the bright shades of red like blood red or can go for the sheer tones, as it will look really beautiful on your hands.

For medium skin tone

With medium skin tone, you can also wear bright colours but the colour that will go the best with your skin tone is orange colour.

For dark skin tone

For the dark skin tone, bright colours are the wrong option. In red shades, you must always go for the dark wine red shade, as it will look awesome on your hands.

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