What to do with your hair in Humidity

All types of human hair are very sensitive to humidity. We think that on one side we are considering how to hydrate our hair but on the other hand, we are saying that all types of hairs are prone to humidity. As we all know that Excess of everything is bad. If the humidity level in the air is normal then you can say that it is beneficial to your hair but if the level of humidity in the air is high then it can be damaging. It will cause straight hair to become wavy and curly hairs to become frizzy. If the level of humidity is too high then it will make straight hairs also frizzy and you can imagine that what will happen to curly hairs.

Some Tips You Need To know:-

If you live in the area where the level of humidity is very high then here are some tips you should follow:

  1. If you don’t want your hair to puff out then you should choose a suitable hair-cut such as long hair with straight cutting is good because it will weigh down your hair. If you have short hairs and have layers then it will definitely puff out.
  2. Shampooing your hair will help to clean the dirt and grease but also keep in mind that it will also wash essential oils from your hair which helps to avoid frizz. Some people give a gap of a week before washing their hair. It depends upon you that how much gap you give but you should not wash them regularly.
  3. When you are done with the shampoo then you should definitely apply conditioner but they recommend that should wash the conditioner with cold water because cold water contracts the cuticle of the hair and it will lock the conditioner in the hair helping to improve the length of the hair.
  4. When you dry your hairs after the bath then you should keep in mind that you should cover the hair with towel bout do not rub the hair with a towel because it may damage the hair.

You should also know that when you blow-dry your hair then you should keep the blow dry at the lowest temperature. Also, avoid the excess movement of the hair. When you blow-dry your hair it removes the moisture from your hair and makes your hair frizzy, so avoids the excess use of blow-dry.

  1. You should avoid over-combing your hair. You should choose a style that goes with your natural hair so that you don’t have to redo them again and again.
  2. You should choose your shampoo and conditioner There are products on which it is written that this product reduces frizz but you should check the words like conditioning and hydrating on the product.
  3. There are some serums available you should use them after every wash. These help you in smoothening your hair.
  4. You should use styling products to keep your hair in place. But keep in mind that you should use lightweight styling products otherwise you will face the problem of build-up.
  5. You should also give extra time to your hair like you can massage oil thoroughly n your hair like coconut or olive oil but avoid to apply too much oil on the roots because it may clog the pores.
  6. You should also apply some leave-in oils like argon oil. You can also use some home remedies like applying mayonnaise or avocado to your hair because these are oil-rich foods.