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When you have curly hair you have to be considerate of your curls and you can’t just make any big decision for your hair. That includes getting a haircut too and when you have to go short you have to determine a lot of the things. But first of all, you have to determine which curl type you have and then buy the products from the online stores like Megorgeous for such hair types and its same when it comes to getting the haircut. So if you want to get a short hair cut following are some of the things that you should know.

How short you want to go

When you think of the short haircut you have to determine what this short hair cut is for you. You have to determine the exact length you need as a short haircut. Some people go above the shoulder length and some likes than even higher than the neck.

Celebrity inspiration

You should also look for the hair curs that you want to get and see some of the pictures of celebrities with that haircut so that you can have an idea of how will it look on you.

Curl appearance

You should also know that your curl appearance can change after getting a short haircut so that is very important. Because sometimes people get the short haircuts and that becomes very difficult to handle the type of curls they have.


You should bring in consideration the lifestyle of yours and make sure of you will be able to handle the short hair cut or not. To pull off the short haircut you have to maintain them well. You should also know if you have the confidence and will feel comfortable in this haircut or not.


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