One must always match the color of your lipstick with your skin tone. By doing so you will be able to look more beautiful and make your lips look prominent which will give you an elegant look in the party or in the normal days too. the shades of lipstick are infinite one can never count its shades, and selecting
the best out of it according to your features, skin tone and the color of your dress you are wearing is really very difficult. So here in this article, you will get a lot of help in choosing the best color of your lipstick.

Tips for choosing colors

If you are having the light or fair skin then you must always go for the pink, coral, nude, peach or the re color of the lipstick. It will make your features look more prominent and give you a stylish look. And if you have a normal skin tone then always go for the berry, mauve, cherry red or rose color lipstick. Or if
you have a tan skin you can wear shades like coral, bright red or the deep pink. And for the dark color skin, the colors suit the best are purple, caramel or brown etc. So go to the online store now and buy some best shades for yourself according to your skin type.

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