where to apply concealer

Applying concealer on your face is something that most of us understand but if you are new at the
makeup then you might be wondering where to apply concealer on your face. Wheel concealer is to be applied to the areas of your face that you want to highlight. If you are using concealer with a good
coverage then you may not even need the foundation and you can make it work with the help of the
concealer as well as the contour so all of the areas can be highlighted and contoured. You can buy such
concealer from different online stores like Megorgeous. But you need to understand how to put your
concealer on and where you need to put it on. But before you can do that you should understand the
role of the concealer.

Role of the concealer

Basically, there are two basic roles of the concealer and those are to highlight as well as to conceal. You
can apply it under your eyes or on your eyes to conceal the dark circles and for the same purpose of
concealing you can add concealer on all the dark spots on your face. Now if you didn't have the dark circle’s people still use it in the under eyes area and that is because you want to highlight that area and by lightening it you will give that particular area some lift.

Where to apply concealer

Now coming towards the topic that where should you apply your concealer you should know that you
can apply concealer on the under eyes area, on your nose bridge and right middle of the forehead
where you noise meets the forehead. Some people also like to add some concealer after contouring and
that is just above the jawline so your jawline can look strong. You can also apply concealer at any dark
spots on your skin to make I disappear. You can set this lookup with the help if some loose translucent
powder as well.

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