Depending on your eye shape you can select the type of eyelashes you want to buy for yourself f and you will have to be wise about buying them so that your eyes will look beautiful in those eyelashes. Eyelashes are no available everywhere and you can buy one from an online store that sells the makeup
or any such products. To determine which eyelash to buy you need to act on following guide based on your eye shape.

Round eyes

If you have the round eyes then you need to buy the eyelashes that are longer and dense on the outer end and that will make your eyes look all dramatic.

Almond eyes

Having the almond eyes any type of eyelashes will look good on you and you can this buy any eyelashes.

Mono-lid eyes

Mono-lid eyes are those which doesn’t have any crease in it and these eyes look best in eyelashes that are crisscrossed and more upwards so that they can give proper look to your eyes.

Deep set eyes

With deep-set eyes, the eyelashes that are longer and adds drama to your eyes should be chosen. They should be turned upwards in the middle so that your eyes can pop.

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