hair gel uses

Determining your hair type is very important because this way you will know which hair products you
can use on your hair you can’t. So before you can buy a product from any online website like
Megorgeous and even buying products from the local stores need a lot of the research on them
especially if you are sensitive about your hair. The research is important because it is important to know
which type of ingredients are used in them and whether these ingredients are good enough for your hair
and won’t be showing some negative effects in your hair. You can get reviews of this product easily on
the internet to make it easy to see which product will be better for you.

Ingredients your hair needs

Different hair types or the style you want to go for will need different ingredients. Same is with the gels
too because each type of gel have different ingredients and you can choose the gels that have the
ingredients that are good for you. Like some of the gels have the flax seed which will make your hair
styling easier and also there will be no residue of the product. While on the other hand the gels that
have polymers and thickeners will have longer hold on to product but you will definitely get the product

Which hair type is gel best for?

Not all hair type get benefit from the gels. Some of the hair types will absorb gel right in and let it
preserve the shape of the hair and control frizz. While some of the hair doesn’t absorb gel very well and
that is why you get the residue. The hair type that accepts gel well are the ones with low porosity and
high density. With the other hair type do well with mousse and serums.

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