Taking care of your scalp along with your hair is very important because if your scalp is not in the good condition your hair won’t be as well. The main problem that occurs with the scalp is the itchiness in the scalp and with a little change in the weather, you can get e itchy scalp if you are not being careful. You should use the products that will moisturize your scalp ad you can buy such products from different online stores like Megorgeous.

Why your scalp feels itchy

The reason why your scalp gets itchy in the winter season is that the air is less humid and your scalp doesn’t get any moisture and air is very dry so it sucks the moisture out of your scalp. The dryness then leads to the scratching and that eventually leads to more irritation and the whole season it remains the same way unless you moisturize your scalp well. People start using the hats and scarves to cover up the hair to avoid that itchiness but in fact, under the cap, it gets very humid and wearing it for the long term will cause the fungal growth leading to irritation.

How to deal with itchy scalp

Following are some of the things that you should do in winter to keep your scalp healthy and irritation-free

  • You have to hydrate your scalp more often and make sure it is well moisturized. You can use different essential oils so that they will treaty your scalp better.
  • You should use the products with anti-microbial properties is that you can stay free of these fungal infections which then leads to itchiness
  • You can also rinse your scalp with the apple cider vinegar as it will help maintain you the pH balance


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