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On the one side, you are enjoying winter and on the other hand, it is a nightmare for some people because the cold and dry air is frightening. People who think that our face needs more attention in winter are wrong because our hair requires extra care during this season. Winter can be damaging for the curly hairs. But if you are thinking that you are going to avoid any social event then you are wrong because there is a solution to every problem. Professionals provide us with some tips to follow so that you can avoid any type of trouble.

You need a Silk Pillow:-

First and the easiest step for your hair care routine is that you should change your pillowcase. As in winter, your hairs are dry and weak then you need a smooth surface so that your hair does not rub against some rough surface. According to research if you sleep on a rough pillow then it will cause frizz in your hair and it may also lead to the tangling of the hair. In winter your hair is dry when you detangle them it may lead to breakage.

Pick a Protective Style:-

As in winter, you spend most of your time indoor then you can upgrade your styling and you can switch to some simple but elegant hairstyle. Like you can tie your hair in a braid or a bun. Simply you can also use scarves or high collar coats. Many curly hair vloggers give you different styles for curly hairs in winter and you can choose from some of these styles.

 You should know about your LCO’S:-

It is the process recently introduced and it is gaining popularity among people with curly hairs. It is a three steps process. And its name determines the sequence of the steps. L stands for liquid, in this, hydrating cream or liquid is applied to the hair. C stands for conditioner and in this process, the cream is applied to lock the hydrating liquid in the hair. O stands for oil and in these different types of oil are used for the greasing of the hair.

Some people also use the LOC method. Only the sequence of oil and cream is changed. It depends upon the type of hair.

You have to change your head-wears:-

As in winter, you have to cover your hair and you cannot avoid it. To solve this problem there is a tip that you should change the stuff of your head-wears. A popular fabric among people with curly hairs is Satin. Some caps are lined with satin from inside. It is considered good for curly hair because it is soft, does not damage your hair, and it does not absorb moisture from your hair.

 You need some hydrating Products!

Whenever you go shopping, you must add some hydrating creams or shampoos on your list. In winter you should not wait for a special occasion so that you can apply any hydrating cream. You just have to hydrate your hair after every 4-5 days so that your hair does not dry out.

Provide some steam to your hair:-

Here is a good tip that when you are going to take a bath then you should let the hot water on for a while so that some steam is gathered in the bathroom. But always keep in mind that you should never wash your hair with too hot water because it will completely damage your hair.

There is also a substitute that you can buy a humidifier and use it will hydrate your hair as well as your skin.